FLOODING AND WELLS ADVISORY | Hastings Prince Edward Public Health


January 19, 2016       

It has come to our attention that some residences in the Cooke Armstrong Road area (Glen Ross) are experiencing flooding. 

Public Health Warns:  DO NOT DRINK WELL WATER in flood areas

The risk of contamination to wells is high in flooding situations. If you even suspect your well is impacted by flooding DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. This warning does not apply to municipal drinking water systems.

  • Use an alternate water source, e.g. bottled water, for drinking and other domestic purposes.
  • Test your drinking water once flood levels have receded.
  • Public Health can provide instructions on how to disinfect your well after flood waters recede.


For more information please go to Fact Sheet: Drinking Water Affected By Flooding or call the environmental health department at call (613) 966-5500.