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Food Safety


Every year millions of Canadians get food poisoning, also known as “foodborne illness”. You can protect yourself and your family at home by knowing some basic food safety skills.


Incidents of foodborne illness increase in the summer time.  During the summer months, extra thought needs to be given on how to keep food safe when planning BBQs, picnics, or camping trips.  Review the following resources and links to learn more.


Summer Food Safety Poster - Chill

Summer Food Safety Poster - Cook 

Summer Food Safety Poster- Clean

Summer Food Safety Poster - Separate

Food Safety for Homes and Restaurants

Guidelines for Opening a Food Premises

Help Your Family Eat Safe

Holiday Food Safety

Proper Handwashing

Safe Food Handling for Pregnant Women 

If you or a family member becomes ill after eating foods that might have been contaminated, it is important to get help. If you have signs or symptoms of a foodborne illness, you should contact your doctor or primary care provider.

If you suspect that you may have become ill after eating at a restaurant or other food premise, call us at 613-966-5500 or 1-800-267-2803, ext. 349.


Breastmilk Substitute

Young children, especially infants, are vulnerable to foodborne illness. Breastfeeding is recommended as breastmilk is the best source of nutrients for your baby and can help boost your baby's immune system. If you have made an informed decision to use breastmilk substitute, proper sterilization of equipment, preparation, and storage are important to prevent illness in your infant.

For information and support on making an informed decision about feeding your baby, call our Child Health CARELine at 613-966-5500 or 1-800-267-2803, ext. 223.

Health Canada - Infant Formula



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