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Food Literacy Workshop - October 26, 2018 - 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., or November 23, 2018 - 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This five hour Workshop is FREE and is open to anyone who wishes to run a cooking class or food literacy program of their own. Whether you are working with the public, students, or clients through an organization, you may benefit from attending this workshop.

Being food literate means having the knowledge, skills, and behaviours needed for every day healthy eating.

The Food Literacy Workshop will provide you with the skills, resources, and knowledge you need to run your own cooking class or food literacy program.

At the Food Literacy Workshop you will learn about the classes you can offer, the equipment and facilities you will need, food safety, and knife safety. There is also a hands-on cooking component so that you can experience what it’s like to attend one of our cooking classes. Bonus: you get to eat what you cook, meaning that lunch is included!

After completing this training you will be able to run any of HPEPH’s cooking programs: Food for Thought (for children ages 9-12 years), Cooking with the Basic Shelf (for adults 18 and older), or Cooking with Kids (for parents and their children ages 6-8 years)). You can also pick and choose from our resources to create lessons that will best fit the needs of the people with whom you are working. .

For more information or to register, call our Healthy Life Line at 613-966-5500 ext. 610 or 1-800-267-2803 ext. 610. is a website created by dietitians with informatin on nutrition, food and healthy eating as well as recipes, videos and interactive healthy eating tools.

Telehealth Ontario 

Ontarians with questions about healthy eating can call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 (toll free) to speak with a Registered Dietitian. This free service is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Programs & Services

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health offers many programs and services to support healthy eating. HPEPH staff members are available on our Healthy Life Line to answer your questions at 613-966-5500 ext. 610 or 1-800-267-2803 ext. 610.

Food Access Guide For Hastings & Prince Edward Counties

The Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Food Access Guides contain information about free or low cost food and meal programs in your area. These services include:

   Emergency Food Services

   Meal Programs

   Collective Kitchens & Cooking Classes

   Food Box Programs

   Community Gardens & Local Food Initiative

   Grocery Delivery and Transportation Services

   Student Nutrition Programs

To learn more about programs close to you, please select your community below:


Central Hastings

North Hastings

Prince Edward County

Quinte West

South East Hastings

Are you an organization listed in the Food Access Guide?  Please send new or updated program information to Hastings Prince Edward Public Health. Call the Healthy Life Line at 613-966-5500 ext. 610 or 1-800-267-2803 ext. 610, or email

The Real Cost of Eating Well in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties

Many people in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties cannot afford healthy food. Every year Public Health calculates the cost of a basic healthy diet using food prices from local grocery stores. This activity is a tool to show decision-makers how food affordability is affected by costs of living. It also shows that household food insecurity is much more than a food problem. For more information, read our
full report.

Cooking Classes for Adults

"Cooking with the Basic Shelf" is a series of 6 free cooking classes for adults (18 years and over) offered by Public Health Dietitians.  Join us each week as we learn, cook, and enjoy a meal together. Participants will also receive giveaways and a cookbook! As part of the series, you will learn about healthy eating on a budget, cooking with basic healthy foods, using common kitchen tools, and more. For more information or to register call our Healthy Life Line at 613-966-5500 ext. 610 or 1-800-267-2803 ext. 610.

Cooking Classes for Kids

"Food For Thought" is a free five day cooking program for kids 9 to 12 years old.  Join us for March Break and Summer Break sessions as we learn to cook and enjoy good food together!

Kids will learn about healthy eating, food and kitchen safety, and how to cook with basic kitchen tools. Supervision is provided. For more information or to register call our Healthy Life Line at 613-966-5500 ext. 610 or 1-800-267-2803 ext. 610.

Cooking Classes for the Family

"Cooking with Kids: Family Cooking Classes" is a series of 5 free cooking classes for caregivers and kids aged 6 to 8 (one child per caregiver).  Join us for fun, activities and prepare a meal to take home!

Families will learn more about:

  • food safety
  • meal planning
  • family meals

This class also includes a grocery store tour that provides more information on making healthy choices when shopping.  Snacks are provided at the beginning of each class.

For more information or to register, call our Healthy Life Line at 613-966-5500 ext. 610 or 1-800-267-2803 ext. 610.

Healthy Eating for all Ages


Public Health offers services to support healthy infant feeding.  Please see our Infant Feeding page for more details.


Children's minds and bodies are active and growing. They need a variety of healthy foods every day to get all the nutrients they need. Good nutrition also helps them learn and play.

The things we learn and do as kids shape our healthy habits later in life. Let Canada’s Food Guide help you support and model healthy habits for your kids. Plan, cook, and serve foods from each of the four food groups.

Learn more about healthy eating for children:


The teenage and early adult years are a period of growth and development, which means your body shape will change during this time. This is normal - healthy bodies come in many shapes and sizes!

It is important to remember that staying healthy during the teenage years does not mean trying to look like the body shapes we see in the media. A healthy body image means feeling comfortable with your body and what it can do, and accepting yourself the way you are. It is also important to be sure you are giving your body the right type of nutrition to grow and thrive during this important time.

Learn more about healthy eating and healthy body image for youth:

Adults & Older Adults

Good nutrition is important at any age. Adults that eat well feel well, and eating a healthy diet helps manage health conditions and prevent injuries.

Public Health recommends using Canada’s Food Guide as your go-to tool for healthy eating. Find information about the amount and type of food you should aim to eat daily, and specific nutrient needs for different ages and stage of life. Use My Food Guide to personalize your recommendations based on your age, gender, the foods you like, and your activity level.

Find out more by:

  • Taking the Nutri-eSCREEN quiz for older adults
  • Downloading the EATracker App to check your food and activity choices, analyze your recipes and plan your meals.
  • Using the Carrot Rewards App to earn redeemable rewards for physical activity and healthy eating activities

Calories Now on Menus

Calories are now on menus in the places you eat out - restaurants, movie theatres, grocery stores, cafeterias, and more.

As part of the Ontario government's menu labelling legislation (the Healthy Menu Choices Act), food establishments with 20 or more locations in Ontario are required to post calorie information for all standard food and drinks on their menus.

For more information on calories, menu labeling, and making healthier choices when dining out:
Calories on Menus – Government of Ontario
Calories Revealed -  Government of Ontario

Other Questions about Food or Nutrition

Do you have a question about food or nutrition that hasn’t been answered on this page?

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