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Falls Prevention for Older Adults

Anyone can fall. As we age, the risk of injury from a fall increases. The good news is that most falls are predictable and preventable. Follow these three steps so you can keep your independence and continue to enjoy the fun things in life.

Move Your Body

You use your strength and balance daily for everyday things such as walking or getting out of chairs. Trips can happen, but strong leg muscles and good balance can help you correct yourself and stay on your feet. Each week, participate in activities to strengthen your leg muscles. Choose activities such as tai chi or sports that challenge balance often each week.

For more information about exercise and fall prevention classes, visit the South East Health Line Exercise and Falls Prevention Resources webpage.     

Improve Your Health

Many older adults take multiple medications. Be sure to review your medications with your health care provider or pharmacist regularly.

A healthy eating pattern will give you the nutrition you need to keep healthy. Choose a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and protein foods, each day.

Keeping connected and staying social is vital to healthy aging. Try to maintain or strengthen ties to your family and friends. Share meals and social visits with others often. Volunteering is a great way to stay engaged and connected.

Remove Hazards

As your body gets older, changes will occur. Feel confident that you can adapt to those changes and make your home safer. For example, remove rugs, mats, slippery tiles, and objects on the floor. Make sure there are non-slip surfaces on showers and bathtubs.

As we age, changes to vision will occur, but this does not have to lead to vision loss. Have your eyes checked and tested by an optometrist every year.

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